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How to host a no-limit Texas Hold'em poker tournament in your home

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Poker Rules

HomePokerTourney Poker Tournament Rule Book Version 11

The HomePokerTourney Poker Tournament Rule Book includes the HomePokerTourney Tournament Rules, Robert's Rules of Poker (Condensed Hold'em version), How To Play Hold'em, How To Deal Hold'em, and several charts. This poker rule book is all you will ever need to play a Texas Hold'em poker tournament.
Poker Rule Book (full-size, 19 pages ): poker-rule-book-hpt-11-fullsize.pdf
Poker Rule Book (booklet, 7 double-sided pages ): poker-rule-book-hpt-11-booklet.pdf

Robert’s Rules of Poker Version 11

This rule book is about as official as you get for poker.
Rule Book (full-size, 27 pages): roberts-rules-of-poker-fullsize.pdf
Rule Book (booklet, 9 double-sided pages): roberts-rules-of-poker-booklet.pdf
HPT web page: Robert's Rules of Poker Version 11
Robert's website:

The Tournament Directors Association Version 2013

The TDA is comprised of a group of poker room personnel from around the world whose objective is to draft a standardized set of rules for poker tournaments. The TDA meets annually to discuss the addition of new rules and to amend or eliminate current rules. The TDA forum is a great place to get answers to your poker rules questions from some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry.
TDA 2013 Rule Book (full-size, 13 pages): poker-rule-book-tda-fullsize.pdf
TDA 2013 Rule Book (booklet, 3 double-sided pages): poker-rule-book-tda-booklet.pdf
Non-english versions: Chinese French Italian Portuguese Spanish Booklet Spanish Full-size Russian
TDA website:

Mobile Poker Rules

Robert's Rules of Poker and the Poker TDA rules are available in mobile format for viewing on your smart phone or tablet. These poker rules for mobile devices do not display any advertising and the file size has been kept to a minimum for quicker downloads. The first link is one page with links to both Robert's Rules of Poker and the Poker TDA rules. The other two links are complete versions of each rule book in a large file.
Mobile Poker Rules Index
Mobile Robert's Rules of Poker
Mobile Poker TDA Rules

The World Series of Poker Rules and Guides

2015 WSOP Official Tournament RulesNEW
2014 WSOP Official Tournament Rules
2013 WSOP Official Tournament Rules
2012 WSOP Official Tournament Rules
2011 WSOP Official Tournament Rules
2011 WSOP Dealer Guide
2011 WSOP Clerk Reference Guide
2011 WSOP Live Action Rules
2011 WSOP Employee Handbook
2010 Dealer Reference Guide
WSOP website:

HomePokerTourney Tournament Rules

Three pages of poker tournament rules that cover such things as the buyin, rebuy, payout, blinds busting out, seating and moving players. These rules are also included in the Poker Tournament Rule Book.
MS Word doc file in zip format:
Tourney Rulebook (Full-size): poker-rulebook-tourney.pdf
Tourney Rule Book (Booklet): poker-rulebooklet-tourney.pdf

Robert's Rules of Poker for Home Games

These rules are only available from Robert's site. These are his standard sixty-two page rule book altered for home game play.

Other Poker Tournament Rules

Asia Pacific Poker Tour
Asian Poker Tour
Dave's Guide to Poker Night
European Poker Tour
Mt. Dew Virus Tournament rules
Russian Poker Federation Rules
The Home Game Poker rules
Waring Poker Tour rules

Poker Rules

Federation Internationale de Poker Association (FIDPA)
Hilton Poker Room Rule Book
Lucky Chances Casino Rule Book Project (1999)
Mohegan Sun Casino
R.O.P.E. Rules of Poker and Etiquette

Poker Rules Forums

TDA Forum

How to Deal Poker


Home Game Rules
Joker Poker
Mike's Poker
Oresteen Home Rules for Poker

House Rules

Mike's House Rules

French Language Poker Rules

Poker rules in French (Word document - by Nicolas Bernard)
Blinds schedule poster in French (Excel document - by Nicolas Bernard)

Gaming Rules

Craps Pit
Online Roulette Rules
Pai Gow Rules

HomePokerTourney Poker Sheets (Obsolete)

These are one-page help guides quoting Robert's Rules of Poker. Print them out and keep them handy during your game. these sheets have been made obsolete by the Poker Tournament Rule Book above. Please note that the rules contained in these sheets are old and obsolete.

Print hard copies of your rules and have them readily available when you play. I use Robert’s Rules of Poker in conjunction with my tournament rules. There is no "one" standard set of rules for poker ... Robert's Rules of Poker is about as "official" as you can get. For tournaments, the TDA (Tournament Directors Association) Poker rules have become the standard.

The most common problems you will encounter during your poker tournament are … dealer errors. The dealer forgets to burn a card and a player goes ballistic because “That was the card I needed to complete my straight. Like hell it doesn’t count!”. Other common dealer errors are cards exposed during the deal or dealing too few or too many cards to a player. Have a hard-copy of the rules nearby to avoid problems ... my HPT Poker Rule Book just might save your life some day!

Your tournament rules must establish how you will handle certain situations such as seating and moving of players and what to do when one of the blinds busts out (dead button rule vs. forward moving button rule). What happens when the 2nd and 3rd place finisher both bust out on the same hand? How long can you rebuy? Make sure you have pre-established rules in place before you start your tournament.

You must choose a Tournament Director (usually yourself) who will have final say concerning rules interpretations and decisions. Be fair, but firm. If your own chips are at stake, you should allow for an impartial third party to be appointed to make a ruling.

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