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Poker Novelties

This page contains reviews of poker products and poker novelties ...

Poker Chip Coaster from

These are nifty drink coasters that look like 11.5 gram Tri-color poker chips. The coasters look just like the poker chips, the colors are spot on! The coasters look and feel nicer than the actual poker chips do! They are made of PVC plastic but have a nice rubbery feel, they stick well to the top of a home bar or desk and the bottle or can sticks nicely to the coaster itself.

There are two martini glasses engraved in the center of the coaster and there are numerous other grooves on the top of the coaster to help channel the liquids away.

The coasters are 97mm in diameter and 2.75mm in height (3.8" x 0.1"). They are shipped in a clear plastic sleeve that can be hung on a hook for retail purposes.

The cost is $5.95 for 4 coasters at Cara Gail's. I like these coasters and they would make an excellent holiday gift for that special poker player in your life. December 2007


PokerPadz from (Dead link - Fall 2010)

Poker Padz PokerPadz is a green felt mouse pad that can be used to practise your chip shuffling techniques while operating your computer. The PokerPadz looks like a miniature poker table, complete with a padded rail. The pad has a nice leather-like rail around the perimeter. The rail makes for a comfortable place to rest your wrist while using your mouse, or shuffling chips. The felt has a nice feel to it. I must admit that I occasional shuffle poker chips while I play online poker. I used to perform the shuffling on my bare desktop surface but the PokerPadz makes this a much more pleasant experience - the chips no longer bounce off the surface of my desk and there is much more of a casino feel and sound.

Poker Padz The PokerPadz craftsmanship is very good and the logo reproduction printed on the felt is high-quality. The logo is dyed into the felt and will never peel off. The bottom of the pad has the same leather-like padding that surrounds the green felt. There was no slippage on my desk.

PokerPadz are available with the WPT logo, Live at The Bike logo, or the Screaming Eagles logo for $24.95. A PokerPadz logo costs $12.95 and a blank PokerPadz is available that includes a pen so that you can add your signature or other customized markings to the pad. You can also have customized PokerPadz manufactured with your company logo or other graphics imprinted on them. The minimum order for customized pads is 100 units.

All the pads (except the blank pad) come with ten 11.5 gram composite poker chips. The chips are not quite as slippery as the average composite chip, but you will probably want to use your own clay or ceramic chips to practice your chip shuffling techniques.

The pad is 14.25 inches long and 8.25 inches wide. The felt surface is 1/2 inch tall and the rail is another 1/4 of an inch higher. It is just the right size for fitting on your desk beside your computer mouse. March 2007


Poker Bracelet from

Poker bracelet These are fantastic looking poker bracelets that resemble the WSOP bracelets. 50ml Gold plated and silver (rhodium) plated bracelets are available. They come in both a link style and a mesh style of wrist band. The faceplate has "World POKER Champion" and the four card suits printed on it. The entire faceplate is bordered by "Swavorkian crystals" and there are also some crystals in the center of the card suits. Future versions of the bracelet will be available without the word 'World'.

The individual links are of good quality - there are no gaps where the two ends of each link are joined together. This is not one of those cheap bracelets where you can bend the links or pull them apart. There is a hefty weight and feel to the bracelet. There is a locking clasp that appears strong enough to stay secured.

Poker bracelet The bracelet is 8.5 inches long, the width of the face plate is 2 inches , the height of the face plate is 3/4 of an inch, and it weighs 76 grams. The bracelet comes in the standard cardboard jewelry box, just like the box that a diamond bracelet for your wife would come in ... but let's not go overboard here!

Poker braceletI really like these ePokerDeals poker bracelets. They are a perfect cheaper version of the WSOP bracelets. It's not like they look exactly alike, or cost the same, but the ePokerDeals bracelets definitely give that WSOP feeling. The cost is $29.99 and shipping within the USA or Canada is under $2.December 2006


Playing Card Baseball Caps from Trident Cards

Modiano baseball cap These are official playing card logo baseball caps available from Trident Cards. There is a beige Copag cap, a very dark blue Dal Negro cap, and black Modiano and NTP caps. Copag baseball cap The hats are very high quality. The logo is embroidered into the hat and the stitching is very tight - you cannot move any of the stitches around with your finger and there are no loose ends.

There are six sections of good quality cloth. There are six vents holes in the top of the cap and a button on the crown. The cloth on the sweatband and underside sections of the cap is the same color as the rest of the hat. The bill is three-layers, has six rows of stitching, and is pre-rounded. All four caps have beige under the bill.

Copag baseball cap The caps are one-size-fits-all and feature an adjustable cloth strap with a metal clasp and tuck-in. These are the best type of fasteners and once again, everything is solid and well constructed.

The caps are made in Vietnam and cost $12. They are very high quality (good embroidery, good cloth, good construction) at a fair price.


Money Clip from

Money clip image These money clips from TexasHoldemStuff have a hefty feel and the look of nickel. A pair of aces is shown on a background of green, red, blue, or black. The words "NO LIMIT TEXAS HOLD'EM" and two stars are engraved in black but there is an epoxy plastic that protects the artwork and makes the top of the money clip feel completely smooth.

This money clip makes the best card protector that I have reviewed. Unlike the others, it sits perfectly flat on a table. The other money clips sit at an angle due to the clipping mechanism on the bottom. This money clip is just heavy enough and big enough to make it perfect as a card protector.

The money clips are 54.33mm long, 41mm wide, and weigh 45.8 grams. The clipping mechanism is good and sturdy, nothing to worry about there! These money clips cost $15 each. I highly recommend them!

Chip Tree from

Chip Tree imageThis poker chip display shows the value of the poker chips being used in your game. You place your own poker chip on one side of the Chip Tree and then place a poker chip that contains the value on the other side. The Chip Tree includes hot-stamped poker chips in denominations of 5�, 10�, 25�, 50�, $1, $2, $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, and $500. The Chip Tree performs the same function as my printable poker Chip Value Charts, but in a more elegant way.

During a game, you could stand the Chip Tree at the end of your poker table or on a nearby side table or shelf. The Chip Tree is also perfect for displaying your poker chip collection between games. You can insert ten different poker chips in the Chip Tree to display a portion of your entire poker chip collection.

The Chip Tree is made of a clear acrylic that is 4.5mm thick. It is 4 inches wide and 9.5 inches tall. It seems very sturdy and is not susceptible to tipping. There are four screws that allow you take the front plate off to insert or remove poker chips.

The Chip Tree costs $14.95 with the denomination chips and $12.95 without the chips. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. May 2006

Diamond Chip Cleaner from

Poker chip image Poker chip image

I didn't have any filthy poker chips at home to test this poker chip cleaner so I had to make a special trip to Casino Windsor to obtain some dirty chips. I played $1-$2 $100 max buyin NLHE for four hours and ended up winning $270 (minus $33 that I drank in whiskey) so the trip was worthwhile. The image on the left was the dirtiest chip that I could find at the casino and is typical of what you find in most casinos. I placed the chip in the Diamond Chip Cleaner and let it soak for ten minutes. I removed the chip and wiped it off with a paper towel for about five seconds. The image on the right is how the chip looked after this procedure. Not bad at all! All the grime was removed, even from the recessed areas of the Top Hat & Cane moldings. The dark lines that you can see in the moldings are a result of shadows from my scanner rather than dirt that has accumulated around the edges of the moldings.

The benefit of this chip cleaner is that you do not have to scrub your poker chips. You can simply drop them into the liquid cleaner and then wipe them dry ten minutes later. The label on the Diamond Chip Cleaner states that the cleaner leaves a film on the chip and that this film protects and sanitizes the poker chip. I was a little worried that the poker chip might feel slicker after applying this film, but there seems to have been no difference in the feel of the chip. The label states that the cleaner is "safe for the environment" but there is no list of ingredients so I have no idea what the cleaner is actually made of. There is no smell to the liquid, either in the bottle, or on the chip. The price is $10.95 for an 8 ounce bottle that will clean 125 chips. April 2006

A poker chip inside an Air Tite Chip HolderAir Tite Single Chip Holder from

This clear plastic holder will hold a single 39mm poker chip such as ASM, Chipco, TR King, Paulson, etc.. If you own custom poker chips, an Air Tite makes a great card cover/protector! It's just heavy enough and the plastic is shiny enough to create a reflection that differentiates your chip from other poker chips on the table. It has a nice feel and weight to it. The Air Tite can also be used to showcase your poker chips in your collection. It can be opened, with your fingernail, at the seam that runs along the rolling edge. The price is $2.49 for five.

The Air Tite will not hold most types of 40mm composite or Super Diamond poker chips. How different poker chips fit in the Air Tite is a good indicator of how large the various poker chips are. The ASM chips fit very snuggly, the Paulson fit almost as tight, the Chipco fits easily, and the TR King fits the loosest. NexGens and most other 11.5 to 15 gram composite poker chips do not fit in a regular Air-Tite although they do fit in the 'ring' type of Air-Tites. Some of the 10 gram and under composite chips do fit.

Phil Helmuth card cover I can't wait to pull this "baby" out during my next home poker tournament! Imagine pondering a bet against me and then looking over to see Phil Hellmuth looking back at you! This Phil Hellmuth Card Cover was sent to me by It is 57mm high, 57mm wide, 41mm deep and weighs 50 grams. It is hand painted and the detail is quite good. You can see a grin on Phil's face like he knows that he has the best hand but will probably lose to a lucky opponent. These mini statuettes are available in the likeness of several famous poker players and cost $15 each.

Visit the High Hand Designs websiteVisit the High Hand Designs website These two wall hangings were sent to me by They are made of particle board but are built very sturdily. There is a pre-drilled hole in the back to hang on the wall with a nail. The artwork is nice and seems to be covered in a plastic coating for protection. Overall, the quality of construction is excellent. I had never visited the High Hand Designs site until recently. They sure do have a lot of reasonably priced poker accessories for your home ... and it's not the everyday stuff that you see at other poker sites or Amazon. Most of the wall hangings seem to be in the $20 price range but some of the finer artwork can be in the hundreds of dollars.

Visit the Poker Money Clip websiteThis very nice Royal Flush Money Clip was sent to me by and can also be used as a card protector to place on your hole cards while playing poker. It does a very good job of both functions. The quality is good, it is very sturdy and should last well as a money clip. I was unable to scratch it but didn't really try too hard. The image shown is the actual size. It sits nicely as a card protector, it doesn't tip over or wobble but it does sit at a slight angle towards the bottom of the cards. It's just the right size and weight for a card protector. This is probably my favorite card protector at the moment. Too bad it doesn't say 'HomePokerTourney' on it! The cost is $23 for one money clip or $35 for two.

Gold Money Clip from Casino Supplies Inc.Poker Chip Money Clips from Casino Discount Supplies

I purchased some of these gold money clips for my own use. They are one of the few products on my website that I have actually paid for! The top of the money clip unscrews so that you can place your own customized 39mm poker chip inside. It makes for a nice little gift or giveaway promotion. The price is $4.95. 5% off code hpt5305

Gold Key Chain from Casino Supplies Inc. Poker Chip Key Chain from Casino Discount Supplies

This chrome key chain fits a standard 39mm chip. The top connector unscrews so that you can insert your own customized chip. The key chains are $3.99 for a set of two. 5% off code hpt5305

Please Contact Me if you would like to add your poker product to this page. You must send me at least one sample of any product that you would like included here.

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