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How to host a no-limit Texas Hold'em poker tournament in your home

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I do not link to or advertise any site that accepts online wagers.

Link exchange

Please visit my Link Exchange page for information about exchanging links for free.

Special offers for HPT visitors

I will gladly post special offers and discounts for visitors to this site. If you want to offer my visitors 5% off, or free shipping, or other discounts, please Contact Me. I post such offers for free on my  Poker Discounts page. The offer must be exclusive to HPT visitors. If possible, please use a coupon code of HPT5, HPT10, etc..

Who visits

Quite obviously - poker players looking for advice on how to host or run a poker tournament. I attract a high number of inexperienced players looking for advice on rules or buying poker chips and cards. I also attract experienced players looking for advice on how to build a poker table or upgrade their poker chips. If you are a poker vendor or supplier ... the visitors to my site are perfectly targeted potential customers!

HomePokerTourney receives a huge percentage of unique visitors from Google and other search engines. I receive almost 1,000 unique visitors per day from Google alone! I also receive a large number of visitors by word-of-mouth through numerous poker forums.

What goods will my visitors purchase?

This site specializes in home poker tournament play. My visitors are not your typical online poker players who only play over the internet and therefore have no need for poker supplies. The visitors to this site require chips, cards, table hardware and accessories. In addition, tournament poker requires more chips, tables, cards and other poker supplies than your typical dealer's choice poker games. Many dealer's choice home games are limited to five to seven players who are life-long friends who have purchased their poker supplies years ago (but may be looking to upgrade!). The typical poker tournament has more players, each needing more chips of more colors! They sit at more tables and require more playing cards and accessories. The customers referred to you from this site will place larger orders than the typical poker player and are highly likely to be repeat customers.

Google searches

HomePokerTourney has fantastic Google search results. Imagine this ... someone watches the World Poker Tour or WSOP and logs on to the internet wanting to find information on how to host a poker tournament just like on television! What does he do? He goes to Google and types in "how to run a poker tournament" or "how many poker chips do I need" or "build a poker table" and what happens? HomePokerTourney is the #1 ranked site! He visits my site and clicks on your banner ad looking for poker supplies!

Here are some Google results from Dec. 4, 2004 ...

Type this into Google ... HomePokerTourney is link number ...
how to run a poker tournament1 and 2 of 327,000
how to host a home poker tournament1 of 169,000
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home poker2 of 7,500,000
poker dealer errors1 and 2 of 51,900
best poker chips2 of 1,220,000
poker chip reviews1 and 2 of 265,000
how many poker chips do i need1 and 2 of 237,000
best home poker chips1 and 2 of 1,010,00
how to move poker players1 and 2 of 475,000
poker blinds schedule1 and 2 of 30,100
home poker tournament1 and 2 of 1,350,000
home poker tourney1 of 275,000
blinds schedule1 and 2 of 163,000
print poker blinds schedule1 and 2 of 14.300
build a poker table1 and 2 of 714,000
playing card reviews2 of 4,760,000
poker tournament rules4 of 510,000
print poker rules1 and 2 of 338,000
print poker tournament rules1 of 17,200

I also keep a bit of a running tally of the pages that are ranked #1 on Google.

Traffic statistics

As of January 2006 this site receives an average of over 4,000 unique visitors per day viewing over 10,000 pages. Poker suppliers should expect to receive anywhere from several hundred to a couple thousand hits per month from an ad placed on this site.

Advertising rates

HomePokerTourney offers flat monthly rates for all advertising. Current HomePokerTourney advertising rates are ...

USD$150 for a site-wide monthly 120x60 pixel ad
USD$200 for a site-wide monthly 120x120 pixel ad
USD$25 per text link, per page, per month (not on the home page)
USD$100 for a monthly 468�60 pixel ad at the bottom of the HomePokerTourney main page

A dedicated forum in the HPT Forums costs USD$25 per month
Sponsoring a forum in the HPT Forums costs USD$25 per month
A 120x60 pixel ad at the top right or left of the HPT Forums costs USD$50 per month
A 468x60 pixel ad at the bottom of the HPT Forums costs USD$50 per month

I also offer text links or banner ads on individual pages. The cost for one text link on one page is USD$25 per month with a minimum payment of $100, payable in advance. I will not place any ads or text links on my home page, timers page, and several other pages where placement of the ad is not possible. 'In Content' text links are available on certain pages but are not available on the home page.

Top placement on the page is an additional USD$100 per month but is not currently available. Ads are placed in order of seniority, with the longest-running ads at the top of the page.

Advertising rates are paid by the calendar month. If you decide to start an advertising campaign in the middle of the month, your rate will be pro-rated accordingly.

Advertisers located outside of Canada are exempt from all Canadian taxes on your purchase of advertising. Advertisers located within Canada must pay 5% GST or 13% HST.

Your ad could be posted on HomePokerTourney site in a day or two. Placing an ad is as simple as emailing me your banner ad graphics and sending your billing information and payment. Sending me your banner ad graphics signifies that you have read and agree to my Standard Advertising Terms and Conditions.

Please Contact Me for further information concerning advertising on this site.

Placement on the page

Your ad will be placed in the advertising border on the far right, directly above the existing Poker Stars banner ad. Your ad will not move lower on the page, but might move higher if the advertisers above you cease their ad campaigns. I have a turnover of one or two advertisers per calendar month but the highest-placed advertisers have been advertising nonstop on my site since May 2004 and will probably not cease their ad campaigns in the near future. Top placement has been purchased by the same advertiser since May 2003 and is not available.

Page Sponsors

A link on the bottom of the page in the "PAGE SPONSORS" section costs USD$30 per link, per page, per month. Your total purchase must be at least $120, meaning that you must purchase one sponsor link on one page for four months, or you must purchase one link on four different pages for one month, or you must purchase one link on two pages for two months, etc.. Your links may be placed on any number of different pages of your choice.

Each link purchase will consist of three lines of text, Each line is a separate link, meaning that you will receive three links back to your site! The first line will contain a link that is blue in color. The second line will contain smaller black text that describes your site or service. The third line contains a url that is green in color. This format will not be altered.

I will allow up to four groups of links per Page Sponsor section. Links are positioned within a section based on seniority, with the longest-running links appearing at the top and the newest links appearing at the bottom.

For the moment, I will not place Page Sponsor links on my home page. I will not place Page Sponsor on my timers pages as well as any "review" page that is dedicated to one product or vendor, such as the poker chip review pages or the poker clock review pages.

If you are interested in placing a Page Sponsor ad, please contact me with your desired text and links for all three lines, as well as the HPT pages on which you would like your links to appear.

Forum advertising

I now offer advertising in the top left and top right of my poker forum. These 120x60 pixel banner ads may be purchased for a price of USD$50 per month. I now offer a 468x60pixel banner ad at the bottom of my forum for USD$25 per month.

Forum Sponsors

I now offer sponsorship of individual forums in my poker forum. These 150x16 pixel banner ads may be purchased for a price of USD$25 per month.

Posting your own article on my site

I am occasionally contacted by advertisers who wish to have one of their own articles (including links!) posted on my site. Most of these articles are generic fluff, with the main intention being to get your links posted on my site. The cost to post your own article on is USD$500 per month, prepaid with a six month minimum. Your page will be linked to from the main menu on the left side of every page. Yes, that's right ... if you want me to post your "article" (and links!) on my site it will cost you $500 per month!


Payment in full must be received before any ad will be inserted. Payment must be made by PayPal (including credit cards) or bank wire transfer. Repeat advertisers are allowed more lenient payment options.

Standard Advertising Terms and Conditions

You must read and agree to my Standard Advertising Terms and Conditions before placing an ad on this site. Sending me your banner ad graphics signifies that you have read and agree to my Standard Advertising Terms and Conditions.

What I will not accept on this site

There will never be any wagering on this site. There will never be any pornography or obviously questionable material on this site. There will never be any extremely flashy graphics on this site. I do not link to any site that accepts online wagers.

No sale of goods

This is an information site only. There will be no selling of goods.

Who may advertise on this site

You must provide a poker related product or service to advertise on this site.

No affiliate programs

I do not become involved in affiliate programs. I will not put your link on my site and take 5% or 10% of the sales made through that link.

No, I'm not interested in your offer!

You want to place ads on my site and you'll offer me $2,000 in advance for the 20 players that you expect will sign up at your online casino. I have to pay you back if you don't get the expected number of customers. Don't bother contacting me! The answer is NO! I have set monthly rates for all advertisers.

No, I'm still not interested in your offer!

You want me to become a reseller of your products or services. For my answer, please read the previous response. If you are still unsure, read the response under 'No Sale of Goods'.

Please Contact Me for further information about advertising on this site.

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