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How to host a no-limit Texas Hold'em poker tournament in your home

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Poker Leagues

If you hold regular poker tournaments, you might want to award a prize or trophy to the annual "Champion". You might also want to keep track of who wins (and loses?) the most money throughout the year. Some players form clubs or poker leagues where players are awarded points for each tournament they play in, depending on how well they finish. This helps to compare play between different players who might not all be able to attend every tournament.

Poker Trophy

Buy a trophy for about $10 at a local trophy shop. You can usually get a trophy of a human hand holding five playing cards. When your tournament is almost over and it gets down to the final two players ... dump the purse money on to the table and place the trophy behind the huge stack of bills. Make a big production out it - I've never seen this done without players bursting out laughing! Let the winner take the trophy home until your next tournament. You might also consider awarding a bracelet to your league champion. Some poker tournaments award consolation prizes or "booby prizes". For example, the first player eliminated from the tournament might be awarded a "donkey" card protector.

Check out my Poker Trophies page for links to sites that sell poker trophies.

Poker Tournament of Champions

The easiest way to hold a championship is to invite each tournament winner back for a "Tournament of Champions". If you hold a monthly tournament, you can invite the 11 monthly winners back at the end of the year for a one-table grand finale.

Top Money Winners

Another simple way to hold a yearly championship is to invite the top money winners back for a one-table or multi-table tournament. You can invite the top 10 money winners back for a one-table tourney, invite the top 20 money winners back for a two-table tourney, etc..

Start an Online Poker League

Tired of playing poor quality poker tournaments at the online sites? Start your own online poker league! Get your friends together and sign up at one of the online poker sites such as Poker Stars or Party Poker. You can then reserve tables so that only your league members can play. Get together online every Wednesday night after the WPT!

Poker Clocks & League Management Software

Many Poker Clocks include software to help organize your poker league. Check out my Poker Clock Features page for a quick guide to which clocks offer this feature.

Some poker clocks will even allow you to upload your player stats directly to a free website for all your players to view over the internet. You can also create your own discussion forum for your players to post 'remarks' about your games.

Poker League Point Systems

One of the easiest and most popular poker tournament points systems is to award one point for each player in the tournament. In a 20 player tournament, first place gets 20 points, second place gets 19 points, third place gets 18 points ... all the way down to last place who gets 1 point. The more players in the tournament, the more points the winners will be awarded. You could also award extra points for winning the tournament. You could award the top five players an extra 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 point(s).

Want a forum for your league?

Moderate your own poker league forum in the HPT Forums!

You might want to add special points for busting out players or making the final table. For instance, you might want to award 2 points to each player who eliminates another player or you might want to award 5 points for making the final table. If you find that the same players have a tendency to win each tournament, you can award each player an extra 2 points for eliminating any player who made the final table at the previous tournament. The points possibilities are endless and may be used to improve and/or bring excitement to your game! Check out the links below to see a multitude of different points systems.

Visit the HPT Forums Poker League Rules & Point Systems forum for more information on how to set up a poker league points system.

I added a new page about points systems - Poker League Points Systems New Page!

Dr. Neau's Tournament Formula

A lot of time and effort can go into devising an appropriate formula for awarding points to players in your home poker league. One of the most popular poker league points systems is Dr. Neau's Tournament Formula. Visit the Dr. Neau's Tournament Formula topic in the HPT Forums for more information about this formula that takes into account the number of participants in the tournament, the buy-in cost, the individual player’s total expense (buy-ins + add-ons + rebuys), and the individual player’s finish.

More info about Dr. Neau's formula, and other poker league points systems can be found on my Poker League Points Systems page.

Create a Poker League or Keep Poker League Stats Online

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Home Poker Tour League management: schedule games, reserve seats, record results & more!
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Home Poker Leagues

Amateur Poker League
Brick House Poker
Buena Vista Poker Club Brazil
Dakota Poker League
Dead Money Poker Club
Dead Poker Society
Gunpowder Poker England
Homer Poker League
San Diego Poker Club
Jersey Series of Poker A couples poker league?
Louisville Poker Society
North Jersey Poker League
Pendragon Poker Club PA
Pittsburgh Poker League
Poway Poker Tour
Razorbacks Poker League Arkansas
Seacoast Poker Tour NH
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Ugly Tuna's Texas Holdem Challenge
Waring Poker Tour (Houston)
Wheeling Poker Club
Wolf Pack Poker League (see also PL Manager)

Home poker game listings

List your home poker games or
poker leagues in the HPT Forums
Home Games & Poker Leagues forum

Bar & Charity Poker Leagues

American Tavern Poker
Atlanta Poker Club
Badger Poker Tournaments Milwaukee
Derby City Poker (Louisville)
Free Poker Network
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National Poker League Australia
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Feel free to contact me if you have a poker league that might be added to this page. I do not add 'online' poker leagues to this page.

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