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Sidepot Poker Chips
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Poker Chip Racks

Poker Chip Rack Row Rack Bird
Number of chips per row
Length Width Length Width Height ASM Blue
Chipco 11.5g
Paulson TR King
66.7mm (Paulson)66.7402107528.550 Y192020 192020
67.7mm (Standard)67.7412107628.550 Y202020202020
67.7mm (43mm)67.74523575.52847 N202020202020
68.7mm68.74121376.528.548 Y202020202021
Chipco6741210 75.528.5 Y20202020*2020
Interlocking71.743.523779.550.7 57N2020202020 21
Storage Box85.54116587.544 44N2525252525 26
All measurements are in millimeters. ASM = customized horse heads. Blue Chip = 10 Grand Island & 10 Club Desperado. Chipco = 10 Crystal Oyster & 10 Classics. Composite = 20 11.5gram Suited & 20 NexGen. Paulson = 20 Pharaoh's. TR King = 20 Deadwood's. * = just barely fit. Visit the HPT Forums Poker Chip Rack Sizes thread.

The most common poker chip rack size is 67.7mm, referring to the length of each row within the rack. The 67.7mm rack will accommodate most 11.5 gram composite chips as well as most customized or casino clay chips. The 66.7mm racks fit the Paulson chips a little better (tighter) and the 68.7mm racks are meant to be used for the larger 13 and 14 gram poker chips. The 43mm racks are used for larger diameter chips such as the Vineyard $100 chip.

Most of the sample
racks on this page were
graciously supplied by
CDS ad

Most poker chip racks are made to hold the standard 39mm diameter poker chips. These chips include the common Chinese-made (Dice, Suited, Six Stripe, NexGen, etc.) poker chips as well as the clay home and casino chips (ASM, Paulson, TR King, Blue Chip, etc.). There are slight differences in the different poker chip racks that are available, just enough so that you have to make sure to buy the correct rack for your style of poker chips. Unfortunately, poker chips styles are not uniform in height and this means that the rows in a poker chips rack might hold anywhere from 19 to 21 of your particular brand of poker chips. Check the chart above to make sure that you do not buy a rack that is too big or too small to hold 20 of your poker chips. You should also check out the HPT Forums Poker Chip Rack Sizes thread. Keep in mind that your chips may become looser in the racks as they age, the corners become more rounded and the chip becomes slightly thinner from wear.

The racks are stackable when filled with chips but are not stackable when empty (except for the interlocking racks). When stacked, the bottom of the top rack rests on the top of the poker chips in the bottom rack. The top rack does not rest on the acrylic of the bottom rack, it rests on the chips.

Birdcage poker chip case Racks of poker chips are commonly placed inside a birdcage poker chip carrier. There are two sizes of birdcage carriers - 600 chip and the more standard 1,000 chip. The racks are stacked inside the carrier. Using the standard 67.7mm racks, there is about 1 inch of empty space at the top of the 1,000-chip carrier, just enough space to store four cardboard boxes of playing cards. The two-deck setups will not fit, only the single deck cardboard boxes. There is room around the perimeter of the birdcage and the chips do move around a little, but not much. Please make sure to check the chart at the top of this page to make sure that your size of rack will fit in a birdcage.

Most racks are made of acrylic and are pretty durable but will chip and crack if dropped on a very hard surface. Most racks cost about 2-3 dollars each and the covers cost an additional $2, but are not really needed. Some cheaper racks made of polystyrene are also available.

Buying poker chip racks can be a bit of a gamble. You can order ten racks from a supplier and then get a different type of rack when you order more from the same supplier at a later date. Once you find a suitable rack, it might be a good idea to buy more racks than you need. Remember that it is very convenient to use racks to store additional chips for rebuys/add-ons or for color-ups.

CDS ad67.7mm (Standard) Poker Chip Racks

This is the standard size rack and is suitable for most poker chips. If you have Paulson chips, 14 gram chips, 43mm diameter chips, or brass chips you might want to consider a different rack for your chips.

The racks that I reviewed had 67.7 stamped in the bottom of the middle row. They cost $14 for a set of ten racks.


Visit the Casino Discount Supplies page68.7mm Heavy Duty Poker Chip Racks

The rows on these racks are 68.7mm in length, meaning that they will accommodate the larger 13 and 14 gram composite chips. The 68mm racks are a couple millimeters longer than the 66 and 67mm racks, but they still fit in a birdcage carrier.

The racks that I reviewed had no markings or stampings on them. They were distinguishable from the other racks because of the two reinforcing brackets that run down the length of the rack. These brackets are deep enough to reach the bottom edge of the rack, so that they help support some of the weight of the chips in the rows. There is only one reinforcing bracket on the other racks (66, 67, and 43mm) and they do not reach down far enough to support some of the weight. There is no reinforcing bracket on the interlocking racks. They cost $1.39 per rack.


Visit the Casino Discount Supplies page66.7mm Paulson Poker Chip Racks

66.7mm (as opposed to 67.7mm) poker chips racks meant for storing Paulson poker chips. This rack will also fit many other brands of poker chips, but not the ASM or most 11.5g composite chips.

The 66.7mm racks perfectly fit 20 Paulson chips in a single row. The 67 and 68mm racks will also fit 20 Paulson chips, but there is much more play in each row, although there is no chance of fitting 21 chips.

The Paulson racks would not fit 20 of my ASM horse head chips in a single row. Some racks, and some chip combinations would sometimes fit 20 chips very tightly, but more often than not, they would not fit. The 11.5 gram composite chips (I tried both NexGen & Suited chips) never fit 20 chips in a single row.

Please note that the 'Paulson' racks are not necessarily made by Paulson, they are made for Paulson poker chips. The racks that I reviewed had 66.7 stamped in the bottom of the middle row. They cost $14 for a set of ten racks.


CDS adInterlocking Poker Chip Racks

These racks have two tabs on one side (bottom of the image to the left) and two holes/slots on the opposite side. You can connect one or more racks together by inserting the tabs of one rack into the slots/holes on another rack. I could easily connect five racks together for a combined 500-chip tray. You could probably also stack and carry multiple 500-chip racks. The racks fit together very tightly, it was difficult to separate the racks once joined together.

These racks interlock side-to-side and they also semi-interlock from top to bottom. There are two protruding bars on the top of each rack that slip into slots on the bottom of another rack. It is not nearly as tight a fit as the side-by-side interlocking, but definitely helps stack the racks from top to bottom.

Most of the sample
racks on this page were
graciously supplied by
CDS ad

The height of an empty interlocking rack is 50.7mm but effectively takes up only 47.7mm when the top interlocking tab is inserted into the bottom of the rack above. The base of the rack is 79.5mm wide but the width of the rack is 87mm if you include the protruding interlocking tabs (which may be inserted into an adjacent rack). You can view the two tabs in the image shown above. These are the longest of all the racks reviewed here and will not fit in a birdcage carrier because of this. They have wide rows that can accommodate 43mm diameter poker chips.

Unlike the other racks reviewed here, the interlocking racks stack on top of each other, rather than on top of the poker chips. Most poker chip racks fit over, and lie on top of, the poker chips in the bottom rack. This means that there will be a bit of rubbing between the top of the poker chips and the bottom of the acrylic rack. The interlocking racks stack from acrylic to acrylic so that the acrylic does not touch the poker chips, there is space of a couple millimeters between chips.

The rows in the interlocking racks are the longest reviewed at 71.7mm. 21 TR King chips, and almost 21 Paulson and Blue Chip chips, will fit in each row. They cost $4.95 each.


CDS ad43mm Poker Chip Racks

43m racks will hold larger diameter poker chips such as the Vineyard Casino $100 chip. Most poker chips are 39-40mm in diameter so you should only buy a 43mm rack if you have special, larger diameter poker chips.

The rows in the 43mm rack are a bit deeper than in the 66, 67, and 68mm racks. The depth of the rows on a 43mm rack are 2.5mm deeper, which helps accommodate the larger diameter of the 43mm chips. Because of this, some poker chips such as the Paulson or TR Kings fit a bit looser in these 67.7mm rows than they do in the other racks with the same 67.7mm row length.

The bottom base on the 43mm racks is a bit narrower than the other 67.7mm slot racks. It is sometimes a bit of a tight fit to place one rack on top of another because of this, the base just barely slips over the chips in the bottom rack. The 43mm racks are too long to fit in a birdcage. They cost $25 for a set of ten racks.


Rack imageChipco Poker Chip Racks

The racks that Chipco supplies with it's poker chips are also very popular. Each row holds 20 Chipco chips just perfectly and also holds 20 ASM or Paulson poker chips. A sample Chipco rack was supplied by


Rack with coverPoker Chip Rack Covers

You don't really need rack covers because one rack of chips stacks nicely on top of another rack of chips. The acrylic bottom of the top rack of chips wraps around the top of the chips in the bottom rack. This effectively contains the chips in the rack below and prevents the top rack from sliding off the bottom rack. The only chips that will not be covered are the chips in the very top rack of the stack.

A cover will prevent the top rack from scraping against the poker chips in the bottom rack, and they will also keep dust away from your chips. They are convenient for traveling. They cost about $1.50 each.


Storage boxPoker Chip Storage Box

These boxes are similar to the acrylic racks but hold four rows of 25 chips, rather than 5 rows of 20 chips, and they come with a cover. They look a little cheaper than the acrylic racks and tend to get dirtier. The plastic is much thinner and more flexible than an acrylic rack.

The storage boxes are excellent for traveling with your chips. The lid remains closed and the overall boxy shape makes it very convenient for storing in a travel case. The plastic storage boxes will not fit into a birdcage carrier. They cost about $1.50 each.

The storage boxes fit 26 TR King chips per row and almost fit 26 Paulson.

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